Killing food supply

It’s come to my attention for those of us out here in the know, for those of us who perhaps have a slightly scientific bent to them and that have a little bit of knowledge about GMOs.

Yes, and for those that know, that means genetically modified oganisms.

But what some people don’t seem to know or understand is that it affects our food supply in a very big way.

It’s being pushed by, of course, an international corporation with money to throw at pushing it through.

I find it so sad that we have already here in our country a number of products and things that include GMOs.

Some people are going to say it must be safe or the government wouldn’t allow it.

Well, you can certainly say that, but if that’s the case, why is the sale of GMO’s from our country to 60 others banned?

What is it that those countries like France, The United Kingdom, Germany and other parts of Europe know that we don’t? Why is it that they won’t allow the sale of those products in their country because of health reasons?

Are we blinded in America because our country is bought off by corporations?

We already know that most of our politicians are in their pockets.

So now we are taking our food supply and scientific studies galore out there to show where they tested mice, rats and other animals eating GMO food that they develop cancer. And these are the same animals that we test to find cures for cancer.

And by eating this type of GMO food they’re getting cancer? But it won’t affect humans? Hello. I think not.

I think we need a wake up call. We need to start getting our facts right.

Either 60 countries are wrong or we are.

What do you think?

John A. DeBartola