It’s too easy to get guns in central PA

I’ve heard of many incidents where a student brings a weapon onto school grounds and they get into trouble, but I never realized how easy it is for a teenager to get a gun (Mirror, Jan. 30, “Student to face expulsion.”)

In central Pennsylvania, some high schools take days off for the start of hunting season. The age to get a license to carry firearms in Pennsylvania is 21.

This makes it very easy for a child in central Pennsylvania to get a gun because of how common it is for people to hunt in this area.

The student said that he needed it for protection from another student. Why should that student feel threatened enough that he had to bring a gun into school?

This makes me question our education system. This teenager had the gun on school grounds for at least an hour until people realized he had a gun.

Why should we have to worry whether or not we feel safe to walk around? Should we live in fear that anyone in this state can carry a gun and we wouldn’t know?

Jessica Green

New York