Ethnic strife over top

I recently noted that an appeals court upheld a California school ban on American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday, because those who wore the patriotic shirts were harassed and physically assaulted by Latinos.

Here’s what I think the proper response by school officials to the racial/ethnic strife should be:

“We are sorry to announce that Cinco de Mayo celebrations will hereby be suspended at this school. Every time we allow the celebration of this foreign holiday, some Latino students verbally abuse, harass and commit acts of violence against students who fail to share their enthusiasm.

“This is un-American to the core, a violation of our most sacred founding principles, and an attack on the bonds that keep us united as a nation.

“Because of this extraordinary display of disrespect for the nation in which we live and the overt threat to student safety, we must, of course, end the celebration of Cinco de Mayo at this school.

“There is no one to blame but the thugs committing these unacceptable, even criminal, acts. If anyone continues to abuse students expressing their patriotism, the offender will be expelled, police will be notified with the recommendation to file hate crime charges and, if here illegally, the offenders will be reported to the INS for deportation, because their kind has no place in a free, peaceable and tolerant society.”

That’s what should happen; it would certainly be a “teachable moment.”

But no, authorities see fit to trash our First Amendment rights to cater to the sensitivities/racism/intolerance/thuggery of a specific minority, many of whom are here illegally.

Whose country is this?

Kevin Forr

Ruckersville, VA