Butts, USVEI project deserved an extension

I just finished reading the article regarding Bon Secours being back on the market, and I am having a hard time understanding why another extension was not given to Dennis Butts and USVEI.

If the deadlines passed due to title search and a mold issue, how is that any fault of Butts?

Would you, Dave Cuzzolina, sign a contract on buying a home without knowing whether it had a clear title?

How is Butts supposed to get funding for a building with a title that may or may not be clear?

That hospital has sat empty for what, two years? Then Butts comes along trying to help veterans and creating upward of 300 jobs for the area, and you can’t grant another extension on the contract?

What is wrong with you people?

If another person wants to buy the hospital and supposedly has money in hand, how much is he offering to pay?

I would bet it’s more than the $2.5 million offered by USVEI. At least I hope it is.

Otherwise, this whole dirty deal doesn’t make sense. Is this other buyer going to create 300 new jobs? Is the extra money that you may make now on a deal with someone else worth it in the long run?

Someone finally comes along to help veterans and create jobs, and you people would rather do business with someone else instead of extending the contract. You are undermining a good thing.

And I think when the real reason for not granting an extension comes out, people will be very unhappy to hear what that reason was.

So, from a veteran that lives here in Blair County, I say: shame on you.

Karen Fetterman