Big oil power overflowing

The people of Philadelphia are correct in their opposition to the XL Oil pipeline proposed to cut America in half to transport Canadian crude oil and also the Russian proposal to have an oil pipeline (which they propose to manufacture and ship here from Russia).

How crude can they get?

America has our own pipeline mills – many are idle. The oil transporting in America began in Titusville where John D. Rockefeller made his fortune by purchasing railroads to transfer oil.

This was just the beginning; now oil companies control much of the world’s money and with it have built empires that rule the world. Their word is gospel.

Overseas, Russia is threatening to shut off the supply of oil to Poland and satellite countries, and is asking America to supply them with oil.

The cost to American consumers rose immediately for gasoline, diesel and home heating. The oil companies are destroying our country with underground fracking and oil spills and leaks, which aren’t even reported to the public.

The Exxon Valdez spill is still polluting the shores and areas above it. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will never be completely cleaned up. The press reported a spill from a North Dakota pipeline break that polluted wheat fields in Texas, which may never grow anything due to pollution.

And what about the spills along railroad lines, which are brushed aside by big business as “minor?” Oil companies control this country and they throttle any attempt to deter their progress.

People apparently don’t see this so they applaud big business while big business slams their loyal employees who are supporting their retired brothers’ efforts to keep their earned benefits.

Remember, we are the little guys and may be next. Just how much do the rich barons want?

Just a little more. …

Joe Wiedemer, Altoona