Ban private contributions to political candidates

There is a revolution occurring in New Hampshire that should ignite a following throughout the land.

It started by a two-week march in the bitter cold month of January by organizer and activist Lawrence Lessig through the state of New Hampshire.

The movement takes election reform to the forefront of politics by asking just one question to our elected and future elected officials: “How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?”

The reason this is such a single most important question to ask is because every other political issue facing our country has a direct cause and effect of our election process.

We are narrowing down the list of concerns of our country’s political leaders to one thing and also focusing our attention to truly changing one thing.

This question is true regardless of political affiliation, Democrat or Republican, and national or local elections.

Our election process has not had a fundamental change since the beginnings of our country.

The issue of corruption can all be traced to the private big money pouring into our elections at all levels, for it holds a promise of a favor and a buying of one’s vote and soul.

This must be stopped by a constitutional amendment to not allow any private money into elections. This action alone would singlehandedly make the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United obsolete.

We must fund our elections with public money by a small surcharge on corporations and large businesses as well as a voluntary donation from all on our yearly tax returns.

This could even be tax deductible. Before you scream no new taxes, think of what corporations and businesses now spend to buy votes.

Just a small percent of what now is raised in campaigns could be enough money to fund voter education and fixing the mechanics of our ballot elections.

We in Pennsylvania must join our fellow citizens in New Hampshire to truly change the outcome of all the political actions that occur across all the important issues facing our country now and in the future.

Election reform is the one action that could have this effect.

Dennis Minori