Without negotiating room, Penelec not fair

The Penelec lockout and the nurses’ strike are resounding proof that American workers are alive and well.

How cruel and ruthless is the rebuttal from management (in the Penelec lockout): “This is our best and final offer.”

Who do they think they are, God?

The rates both companies charge to the consumer are not negotiable, and Penelec isn’t just selling electricity any more.

They want the consumer to buy insurance to cover services that were always supplied and hospital costs have skyrocketed with no recourse to us as consumers, so these businesses pass on to us what they can’t take from local workers.

The Penelec workers are to be applauded for the stand they are taking and so, too, should the nurses.

There should always be room for negotiations, but apparently management

doesn’t want to.

Giving the ultimatum “best and final offer” is like closing the stable door and shooting your best horse.

There is room for negotiations. Men and women workers don’t stand out in sub-zero weather for no reason. They are right to hold out, and hopefully, they will win.

“Right” will prevail.

Joe Wiedemer