Tighten school security

Yet another frightful incident almost occurred that involved a school shooting that I feel could have been avoided. Schools which should be the safest place to be are now becoming some of the most dangerous places to be.

At Admiral Peary Vo-Tech, a student took a loaded hand gun to school. Luckily, it was confiscated before anything catastrophic could have happened.

Part of each school district’s budget should be set aside for better security such as metal detectors and regular locker checks. Or the state should fund each school with enough money to supply each district with these advantages.

I am a current Penn State Altoona student who felt deeply frightened by the recent incident involving the arrest of a student for possessing a weapon of mass destruction.

Lately, with all these shootings happening in public places, I feel better security is needed in order to insure the health and well-being of everybody anymore. No one should be afraid to go to school.

Nicole Miller

Roaring Spring