Take threats seriously

I read the article “PSU Altoona student arrested on weapons of mass destruction charge.”

When I was in middle school there were four bomb threats in one week. Being that young, I was not really aware of what could have happened if there was actually an explosion in the school.

The faculty took most of them seriously except the last one. Looking back on it now, it angers me that they did not take it as seriously as they should have. At one point we were sitting in the auditorium, and we were not evacuated from the school.

I am currently a student at Penn State Altoona. When I found out the news of this bomb threat, I was shocked. Since I am older and wiser, it affected me more than it did when I was younger. I kept thinking about the what-ifs and how bad it could have been. The fact that Miftakhov had the bomb materials in his home, everything became a reality and not some sort of middle school prank.

With the help of the police force and bomb squad, they are making my stay in a city I barely know much safer.

Jessica Dryslewski