Suspect belongs in jail

The Mirror published a news article about Vladislav Miftakhov, 18, being arrested after officers found marijuana and a suitcase of bombing contents.

I strongly believe he should be arrested for this because it could have been very dangerous to himself and other human beings.

The fact that the police found two explosive devices with fuses is beyond me. Miftakhov specifically stated he was going to blow things up but never explained what.

Later in the article he stated he had no intention of blowing anything up, which contradicted himself.

Even if he was going to blow things up other than humans, it still is dangerous to use any type of explosives in a small town like Altoona.

The fact that Miftakhov set off a small device in his home town in California makes it even questionable about what he was going to do with his bomb.

I agree with the fact that they placed him in prison for putting others in danger before he actually hurt somebody.

Tori Mandresh