Strike could affect PSU nursing students

I’m writing as a Penn State Altoona nursing student after the Mirror’s article “Nurses reject UPMC Altoona’s offer” was brought to my attention.

I believe that the nurses at UPMC Altoona have every right to go on strike for the unfair labor.

After years of schooling, sacrificing long hours and performing difficult tasks daily to get to where they are today, they deserve better benefits.

Anyone who enters this field has a very big responsibility for the care and safety of the patient.

It also only stands to figure that not only wages but retirement should play a big role in this profession, especially if the expense of living continues to increase.

In many cases, nursing is a thankless job and retirement should not be figured in that thankless area.

Also, with a low number of staff at UPMC Altoona, is it certain that the care and safety of the patient is ensured?

Many of these nurses have four or more patients at one time. It is crucial that these nurses are recognized as nurses by heart, not by how UPMC Altoona sees them.

Starting clinicals next fall, it worries me that there will not be enough staff available to apprentice nursing students like me.

This could push clinicals further down the school year, making the nursing program longer for these students and myself, making us very upset.

It’s time that these nurses get what they deserve and also the patients of UPMC Altoona.

Taylor McQuillen