Residents, not the city, should shovel walks

Having just read a letter to the editor by Pat Threadgill, I find it quite amusing that people think that it’s the city’s responsibility to clear the sidewalks of snow.


It’s the home owner’s responsibility to do so. The problem is the renters/owners are too lazy to do this chore. It seems that so many people complain about how far their child has to walk to get a school bus or wait for five or 10 minutes in the cold or heat or rain.

This is surely not a desireable thing for the kids to do, but I am quite sure that they will make it through their life by having to do this.

I grew up in Huntingdon, and we had to walk a little over two miles each way to get to school no matter what the weather. And guess what?

We didn’t have the opportunity to ride a bus in comfort. I can’t remember one so-called “snow day” while going to school there or even in my last years of going to Altoona High School.

So let the kids get a little bit of reality before they get slapped in the face by it. Kids today are spoiled rotten. Try taking the cell phone, laptop or video games away from them for a week and watch them turn into jello.

So if Pat Threadgill is so upset with people – the city – for not shoveling their sidewalks so the little darlins’ won’t have to worry about falling on their butts, then let this person and friends shovel the walks that lead to the buses.

Wake up, America! We’re already too lazy.

Ronald C. Norris