Republican mentality against organized labor

Down south there is a Volkswagen assembly plant, and the management there is working with its employees to start a union to represent its workers.

Yes, that is right: The company is in favor of a union. Their workers in Germany receive better benefits and pay than the American workers do.

The problem that the VW company has is its outside interests are trying real hard to stop this from happening.

It’s not hard to guess, but it is the Republican party and big-money interests hard at work trying to stop the formation of a workers’ union.

Why does VW want a union, you might ask? It is because they have found that it makes for a better productive workforce.

With union reps meeting regularly with management, they come up with innovative new ideas with regards to production and safety.

Studies have shown this to be true, but here in the USA all these CEOs are concerned with is the almighty dollar.

The millions of dollars and golden perks that upper management receives in pay is never included in companies’ battles over their operating budgets.

Here in central PA, UPMC Altoona is trying to break their only unionized hospital. They knew what they were buying when they bought the Altoona Hospital, so rather than working with a union, their only strategy is to go to war with the union.

They obviously do not want workers here in Altoona infecting the workers in their other hospitals with the idea that a union is possible within UPMC.

Here they are spending millions of dollars bringing in strike breakers and spending tons of money in advertising their ideas in the local media, when that same money would probably pay for the concessions that the union is asking for in its talks.

Boo to UPMC. Jerry Murray should tell his bosses at UPMC that we care about our Altoona Hospital and the excellent staff that works there helping the residents of central PA.

When it comes to choosing sides, we will support the union workers over the filthy rich out-of-touch CEOs every time.

Alan L. McCusker