Police action admirable

Have you ever thought to yourself “Where are the police when you need them?”

Well, in this case, they were right where they were needed. In the article “Officials working on bomb case,” a Penn State Altoona student was caught making a bomb.

Whether he was going to set it off or not, I am just glad the police caught him in time.

As a Penn State Altoona student who lives off campus only a block away from the suspect’s home, I feel I can vouch for many people that we are very proud of the police department.

They actually care more about the community’s safety instead of worrying about where the next college party is.

Focusing on danger in this society will save more lives than arresting students who are engaged in underaged drinking, which students will continue to do regardless.

Nobody knows what this kid would have actually done, but the police made sure to stop it before he could follow through on his act.

I have always believed this world has bigger issues than what most police departments are worried about, but in this case they proved me wrong.

Nicole Lee Figard