Plow alleys, please

I am angry, frustrated and stressed over the city of Altoona’s highway department.

I understand about the plowing thing, but whoever runs it all needs to take a trip down my alley. My home is actually in the rear of the alley.

I was under the impression that the city has to plow and salt where you live. The alley I live in is actually my street. When we have ice and snow like we have been getting, my street turns into a skating rink.

I have been told the alleys do not get plowed, and I understand that, but this is where I live and park. All I ask is for a plow and a little salt. I have even been told to park on the side street and walk.

If I can’t drive down the alley, how am I supposed to walk up it?

By the way, it’s on a hill. I wish someone from the city highway department would drive down it or up it (ha ha) and then decide whether to help me.

I am getting ready to bring my mom home from a nursing home to live here with me. She is elderly and handicapped. Heaven forbid she were to fall or need AMED; they would never make it. I am concerned about how the city of Altoona treats the residents that live and work and pay taxes here.

I’m sure if I had clout or money, things might be different. I just don’t think it’s fair for me to be responsible for the upkeep of the alley when that’s what the taxes are for.

People in office should walk in some of our shoes before they make some decisions.

All I’m asking for is a little consideration and compassion.

Valerie Bennett