Patients should have say in UPMC-nurses dispute

During any contract negotiations, the company wants to give the least and the workers want to get the most. This is what is going on between UPMC and the Altoona nurses.

Dave Cuzzolina and those who represent UPMC will say they have an excellent organization, making patient care their main priority.

Paula Stellabotte and those who represent the nurses will say the same thing.

When UPMC increases the costs to patients or nurses ask for a better contract, both should be judged on their merit and how well they care for patients.

Doctors who practice at the hospital should also be looked at, to see how they care for patients.

That building on Howard Avenue is where you are going (in most cases) for an emergency situation. People go there every day for operations, tests and to have illnesses treated.

To my knowledge, two groups of people never have any input concerning the hospital – the past and present patients and those who visit them.

The reason I say past and present is quality care depends on far more than a name change.

What happened in the past should be compared to what’s happening now. Future patients deserve and should have a right to know what kind of care they should expect.

One way would be a website to comment on the care they received and visitors could also comment, both pro and con.

Most people could never care for others on a daily basis, like nurses or those who care for physically or mentally challenged children or adults.

It takes a special person to do this.

But if a person chooses to do this, they should give excellent care to their patients, which includes the UPMC organization.

There’s an old saying: “You should be rewarded with what you deserve,” which should include the UPMC organization and the Altoona nurses.

Dennis C. Shore