Now like France, Altoona needs legislative help

When Marie Antoinette, the queen of France, was told the people of Paris were starving and there was no bread to eat, she said, “Let them eat cake,” and so began a war between the aristocrats and the common people.

The common people won and became the law. Because they cut off so many heads, they had to hire carts to haul them away.

Altoona is becoming like long-ago France – it is a curse to be a property owner in Altoona.

We are under Act 47, so local government can raise taxes when they want to and once again, they go to the property owner.

I got a $13 raise in my social security check, and the idiot in the White House wants that. The county commissioners (Terry Tomassetti and Diane Meling)?double-crossed us with reassessment after opposing it.

They took a million plus dollars from the sale of Valley View and put it in the pension fund. Why should we as property owners have to worry about that pension fund?

Could we hear from John Eichelberger or John McGinnis on where they stand on all of this?

Every year there is a bill introduced in Harrisburg that senior citizens no longer have to pay school taxes, and every year it is soundly defeated.

Rick Geist and Bob Jubelirer, where are you now that we need you?

Joe Brubaker Sr.