McDonald’s caper stirring fear

How much worse can society get?

I read an article in the Mirror about a 26-year-old woman charged with selling heroin in Happy Meals at a Pittsburgh McDonald’s. Customers would use the coded phrase “I’d like to order a toy.”

Being an early childhood education major, my first thought was that the heroin was placed in Happy Meal boxes.

What if an innocent customer actually wanted to order a toy for their child, only to accidentally have a bag of heroin placed next to their child’s chicken nuggets?

I remember hearing about a New York City and a Detroit Applebee’s waitress who accidentally put alcohol in a child’s cup, and I thought that an incident like that couldn’t occur again nor could it be topped.

Well, I was wrong.

Drug dealing used to be a private practice, only known to occur in dark alleys in dangerous towns. Now, it’s happening in the most well-known fast food chain restaurant in the entire world – a fast food restaurant that openly encourages family orientation.

What could possibly be next?

I’m sincerely worried about the youth of America.

The simple act of getting in a car is risky enough due to ignorant drivers.

Now, even if you make it to the restaurant safely, you have to worry about whether or not there are illegal substances passing through the drive through window.

Protecting our youth is becoming pertinent, but it has to be a joint effort.

The adults of this generation need to open their eyes and realize that it’s time to change the path America is going down before it’s too late – before there’s little to no hope that children will have positive influences in their life, before a life of crime and danger is the only lifestyle children of the next generation learn to live because it’s all they’ve ever known.

Rachel Rimbach