Make school calendar go all year round

With all of the school closings and delays so far this year, I have a question: If a student has classes during those two hours of delay, when are these hours made up?

They are not because two-hour delays do not have to be made up; only full-day closings must be made up.

Not only that, but when a school is closed all day, then the students are again missing the first two hours of classes.

If in the first two hours of school, a student has math and/or English (two major subjects for education), these students have really missed out this year, and their education in these two subjects has been lost, not to be gotten back.

How much did the weather/temperature change in those two hours? Not much, if at all.

This is happening because the school districts/bus companies are afraid of lawsuits, and I understand this but times have changed and the schools must change also.

Summer school should be given and give the students a winter vacation.

If you look at the school calendar, it seems the kids have off every other week for one reason or another.

I never remember having so much time off, or even delays, when I went to school in the 1970s. But then again, everyone was not suing back then like people do now.

Everyone says, “It’s all about the children.”

Really? What about their education? With so many hours/days missed in a school year, the students’ education has to be lacking.

I hear about all of the tests that are given, but they prove nothing. Not long ago was an article in the Mirror that stated high school students are not ready for college when they graduate. I was not surprised to read this article.

It is time for schools to change so that education is not lacking. I pity the parents of younger children who both work.

When the schools delay, they have to scramble to find someone to get their kids to school or be late for work.

When the school is closed for the day, one of the parents must miss work to stay home with the kids. Then the employer loses productivity because the worker is not there to do his/her job and another employee has to pick up the slack, as well as being responsible for their own duties.

The kids this year have really missed out on a good education. This may not show right now, but somewhere down the road, it will.

Michelle Stiffler