Gun laws reasonable

“They’re gonna take our guns.”

That is something I have heard for 50 years. Yet there are more guns in private hands today than ever before in the USA.

No one has ever come for my guns. No one has ever stopped me from buying a gun. No one has ever stopped me from owning a gun with a legitimate sporting purpose.

Until the paranoia of a segment of gun owners is replaced by reasoned and logical thinking, the carnage will continue.

I’ve gone through the Brady Law background check. It was painless. But the hardcore Second Amendment absolutists will tell you it’s an imposition on my liberty. Frankly, I don’t see how waiting a week to ensure my minimal fitness to own a gun denies me my rights. The old straw man argument of a “gun owner’s database” is hockum.

That list already exists, at least in part. If the government wanted a list of gun owners, it could start by acquiring the NRA members’ list. In fact, if the government was so sinister they could just seize the list. The government has done neither, as far as I know, for at least the last 50 years.

The best home protection weapon is a .410 pump shotgun loaded with No. 5 shot. That gun has more knockdown power at short range than a .44 magnum and won’t shoot through double drywall. It has the added bonus of having a unique sound when a round is chambered.

Even though criminals are stupid and cowardly, I expect very few of them are foolish enough to walk through a door after hearing that sound on the other side.

How much blood will it take for the “guns at any cost” crowd to realize that there are sane, reasonable restrictions on every right an American citizen has?

Why should guns be different?

Joe Hill, Cresson