Drugs threaten safety

Are we still safe?

On Jan. 22, 24, and 28, the Mirror published articles based on the same topic of selling and possessing drugs.

According to the Mirror articles, the crimes that have occurred recently were about criminals possessing and selling drugs. It would not have been a problem for normal citizens; however, these drug dealers are dealing and smoking in front of elementary schools, cars, stores and other public places.

Although some think that conducting drugs would not affect other people’s lives, that is false. To be more specific, three drug dealers dealt drugs only 1,000 feet away from elementary school.

Although this act did not harm anyone, it can be a tremendous damage if elementary kids got involved in drugs or with the drug dealers.

On Jan. 23, a student committed suicide by jumping from their balcony after taking drugs. Five days later, a Penn State engineering student was arrested for possessing bomb-making materials.

As an international student, I want to ask all of the people: Is it still safe to live in Pennsylvania?

Suho Choi