Arts vital to education

I recently read an article in the Mirror that stated Spring Cove must make changes to avoid budget cuts.

One of the possible solutions was to combine students to one school, but that could create hour-long bus rides and students will be further from home.

Schools should be one of the last places to get their funding cut.

Children’s lives are based upon how well they do in school. Education is the most important thing in children’s and teenagers’ lives because it prepares them for college so they can succeed.

With budget cuts, fundamental items are being taken from these children. It would be very difficult for young children to ride on a bus for an hour to and from their school each day, and no parent wants to be that far from their child in case of an emergency.

In Hollidaysburg, talk of cutting the art program due to budget cuts was heard everywhere. Even though the art program is not a core subject, it is still important for development, and high school students may want to go into the arts for their career.

Even if it is not the chosen career, art, whether in music form or paint, is a way for students to express themselves and relax for at least one period a day without the stress of tests and finals.

Young children learn important skills from music and art programs.

They learn patience and creativity. Their brains develop so that they are not strictly logical and can solve problems by thinking outside the box.

The government does need to make changes in federal funding, but education is the last place they should do it.

Kelsey Lantz