Again, government overstepping its bounds

Just when I think President Obama can’t come up with another way to waste our money, he does.

Recently, it was announced that he plans to create seven climate hubs around the nation, by executive order (of course), to assess local climate risks and develop plans to deal with them.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilasck explains that the hubs are needed to “synchronize the federal government’s preparation and resources with other entities, including state governments, tribal communities and other locations.” (aka: stick our nose in your business).

My dad is a retired dairy farmer. He understood the risks and did his best to prepare for them. He predicted this winter’s weather last summer.

Not that farmers, like others, can’t use a helping hand every now and then, but another government program to employ high paid paper pushers? No way!

Why should our tax dollars create another massive program for “experts” to tell farmers what their risks are? How many of them have bailed hay until midnight to beat a rain, nursed sick pigs and calves in the furnace room, or hauled water by hand to dying crops?

The track record for more government is not good in my humble opinion.

The U.S. Post Office is over 230 years old and is continuously in the red. The war on poverty began in 1964, and while over one trillion dollars is redistributed to the poor every year, it hasn’t “won the war.”

“Cash for Clunkers” both started and ended in 2009, a dismal failure that took good, dependable cars and replaced them with high-priced (mostly Japanese) models and car payments.

We are now experiencing the effects of a massive takeover of the health care system.

Plan A: Enroll the young people to pay for it.

If Plan A fails (and it isn’t looking good), Plan B is a government bailout for the insurance companies.

Why should our tax dollars be spent saving giant insurance companies who crawled into bed with the government and this money-pit health care scam?

The funds spent on the web- site alone could have provided health care for those who needed help.

There’s more. Social Security (which isn’t very secure) and Medicare and Medicaid costs are increasing so fast they are the greatest threat of federal health care spending. There are increasing cases of Environmental Protection Agency over-reach, intimidating citizens and holding up permits for years.

The IRS is continuing to target conservative groups, even though Obama insists there isn’t “a smidgen of corruption in his administration.”

Information is still being withheld about Fast & Furious and Benghazi. But then, what difference does it make?

We don’t need more government interference, rules, regulations, taxes, etc. It paralyzes businesses and incentive. Please support those who stand up for the constitution for the United States of America, defend our borders, protect the unborn and preserve our freedoms.

We’ve had enough “Santa Clauses.”

Barbara J. Thomas

New Enterprise