Accountability important

I’m writing in response to Lauren Jacobson’s letter (Jan. 14) regarding Christmas and the UPS foul up.

First off, I do want to applaud her for her views on what the holidays really mean – family, love and joy on earth as well as Jesus’ birthday.

Now, the other part of her argument is somewhat invalid. What about all the little kids, the young ones that have no idea what the holidays really mean? They wake up Christmas morning expecting presents from Santa Claus, and they’re not there.

I wouldn’t want to imagine the heartbreaking look on their little faces. My wife and I do our shopping the old-fashioned way – going to the stores to shop.

If UPS and FedEx can’t handle the amount of traffic that comes during the holidays, then they shouldn’t advertise that they can. They ruined Christmas for a lot of children.

Gregory D. Conrad Jr.