Poor choice

On Dec. 26, the Altoona Mirror, on its front page no less, had an article on prisoners.

What a disgrace for the Mirror to feature the people who put the public safety and people’s lives at risk and now serving time for their crimes and get treated like royalty.

If the Mirror has the nerve to feel sorry for them, they need a wake-up call. Doesn’t the Mirror have anything else to report on? They sure showed their true colors with that article and picture on the next page.

Our justice system in Blair County is a disgrace. The fat cats there are all filling their pockets and just going through the motions.

Feeling sorry for convicts must be something new. Maybe the next thing will be taking up donations for them. It seems like that is the norm now – donate, donate.

These prisoners are living better than a lot of law-abiding citizens and we should feel sorry for them?

Get a life and a job.

Robert Leonard