Pension crisis in midst of crushing many of us

Well, we all knew property tax reassessment was coming to Blair County. I just have a few questions and comments.

1. Several years ago we were told it cost the county $12 million to $14 million to run the county home. Then, another several years later and a change in management, we were told it had become self-sufficient – meaning it was basically paying for itself. Where did that now extra $12 million to $14 million go?

2. With the selling of this same county home, what happened to the millions ($16 million, I recall) it sold for?

3. Property taxes just a few years ago went from 75 percent to 100 percent of the assessment. Where did that extra money go besides raises for our county commissioners and others?

Although there are disparities in the current system, which has been acknowledged and for the most part accepted, there is a greater reason for the property tax reassessment other than everything is going up in price.

It is the public pension fund and increasing wages and salaries are not found to climb as fast in the private sector. School districts are one of the main forces behind this move to re-assess property taxes.

Something needs to be done down in Harrisburg to address this monster, which will evict every senior citizen, low income individual and family from their home and ruin the local economy by driving out business and the associated jobs.

It needed to be done years ago, but to stay in office and power, they kept kicking it down the road. The road is soon coming to an abrupt end. Every Blair Countian and Pennsylvanian should be marching on Harrisburg to fix this mess now with the public pension plan.

By the way, the higher the salaries and wages, the higher the pension is due when one retires.

Willard J. Thompson