Help save the world:?Please stop smoking

I am really worried about the problem of smoking. I am hoping that with this letter, some people will realize that smoking might give them lung cancer.

Every day you will find someone smoking a cigarette. I believe that there should be a law that no one should be allowed to smoke.

That way, no one will die from secondhand smoke inhalation. Yes, some may be upset, but if that law were passed, communities of people and young children would be safe from the risk of lung cancer. Also, not as many people would have heart problems.

In some ways, the tobacco in cigarettes is like a legal drug. People who smoke are most likely to be addicted, the same way one would be addicted to drugs. Once someone starts smoking, it will become difficult to break the habit. Some might feel as if they cannot live without cigarettes.

Many smokers do not realize how many health risks smoking causes. One of the main risks is lung cancer. Other risks are heart disease, emphysema and cancer of the mouth. If the smokers in Altoona, and all over the nation, don’t stop smoking, they may die at a young age.

During the warmer seasons, smoke may kill plants and trees. If the plants and trees die, we will lose our oxygen sources.

Without oxygen, every creature living on land will die. Humans would never be seen on the earth again.

If your relatives and friends inhale the smoke, they might get lung cancer. Secondhand smoke inhalation can cause lung cancer to become worse. That will cause deaths since lung cancer shrivels up the lungs to a certain point. When not diagnosed in the early stages, both lungs could collapse, which would also cause death.

Smoking causes many deaths in the nation daily. More and more young adults start the habit of smoking. If not stopped, lung cancer could become an epidemic, spread by smoke inhalation.

So, please stop smoking for the safety of the world. Please!

Emilee DeFrancesco


(The writer is 10 years old.)