Curtail county spending

The Blair County commissioners have to start living within our means, not theirs.

Why don’t more people speak up and make some kind of effort to stop the commissioners? They don’t want to make cuts or reduce personnel, but they have no problem forcing people on low-income jobs or those on fixed incomes from their homes.

They say it is a matter of safety. I’ll be responsible for my own safety.

I’d be a lot safer in my own home than being turned into a homeless person who was vacated because I no longer fit into the commissioners’ budget.

They would rather not be inconvenienced or restrained. I don’t care what they have to cut or what reduction in personnel they have to make. They are allotted X amount of money.

Their ever-growing need for more has to stop. They think the money they are allotted must fall from the sky. No, it comes from our ever vulnerable and diminishing paychecks.

The many people who make up this county think reassessment is wrong, if not criminal.

In essence, it is a way to extort what we’ve worked so long and hard to achieve.

Gene Mann