As temperatures drop, pets must be protected

The temperatures are frigid, and everyone should be protecting their pets. I believe dogs and cats are social animals and should be kept inside.

However, if for some reason you choose to keep your pets outside, please make sure they are protected from the bitter cold and howling wind.

If your animals are kept outside, make sure they have warm hay or straw inside a box house.

Nail a blanket to the top of the door so that the pet can get in and out, but be protected from the wind.

To have a pet, who is supposed to be part of the family, and keep them outside in this kind of weather is cruel. I doubt you would like to spend the night outside with the wind howling and snow falling down.

Do you really think your pet is happy with that existence? Would any of your family members be happy if they had to be outside 24/7?

I doubt it.

It is a comforting feeling to be under the covers when it’s snowing and blowing.

Now, think how your pet feels if he is outside in this frigid weather. I do not know how you can sleep. I know I couldn’t.

Sid Miller

New Paris