Protect eagles, birds

The Mirror’s Dec. 12 editorial titled “President’s wind power allegiance hypocritical” was right on the mark regarding the new U.S. Department of the Interior rule that would make it possible to grant wind energy companies 30-year permits to kill bald and golden eagles.

Even more bizarre is the fact that this approach relies on wind projects to self-report eagle fatalities.

For too long, the wind energy industry has operated with generous subsidies and minimal scrutiny.

Now, the industry has been declared to be above the law, being allowed to violate both the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Juniata Valley Audubon strongly urges conservationists to oppose this new rule, which will harm eagles, birds that just now are making a hard-earned comeback.

Stan Kotala


(The writer is the conservation chair of Juniata Valley Audubon.)