More changes needed

Once again, I find myself expressing my opinion concerning the discipline of administration personnel regarding the rape of the young woman at SCI-Rockview and SCI-Benner.

Both institutions are managed by the same inexperienced superintendent who should have never been allowed to manage these places. In fact, she should have been released from corrections years ago.

After watching and listening to the news on Dec. 19 and Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel gave his speech, I have come to the conclusion that Wetzel and several others of his upper echelon within the Department of Corrections should also be removed from their positions as well, due to not only doing their jobs incorrectly but also for taking so long to render a solution plus trying to cover up this whole incident.

There is so much that the average citizen does not know or even understand about corrections unless they have worked for or know people who that have worked in corrections. It’s a place that has so much negativity, you would think they would treat their employees a lot better.

So I am pleading with our Pennsylvania politicians to actually look deeper into the Department of Corrections’ upper echelon, and I think you will find more than you would bargain for, which has been going on for years.

It is a shame because a lot of great people work in the Department of Corrections, but it is unfortunate that they are managed by people who are not so great.

Sean Clapper