Monitor your speed, especially in winter

A recent video on the news showed a police cam parked just off a snow and ice-covered road, with several cars and trucks moving by slowly. Suddenly a faster moving SUV appeared into view.

Brake lights came on. Fishtail left, then right, then collided with the last vehicle causing a chain reaction crash.

The driver survived, and later, in the back of the police car, claimed that she just started to slide, and there was “nothing I could have done” to prevent the crash.

The next scene is the police officer shaking his head and saying, “If only people would just slow down!”

A recent spate of reports in the Mirror of crashes involved SUVs and bad, icy roads, several of which involved deaths.

Finally, after witnessing an SUV flying down my own snow-covered street, and then fishtailing back and forth into the other lane before donutting into a neighbor’s mailbox, with children making snowmen in the yard just feet away, I feel a need to plead for some common sense to take over this winter.

Please remember four-wheel drive vehicles are four-wheel “go,” and not four-wheel “stop.”

Yes, they are handy for local hills and dales to get you going but, once moving, are not any better than two-wheel drive vehicles for stopping.

Please slow down, both for yourself and the others on the road as well.

Joe Maschue, Altoona