It’s not personal; it’s just a fact

Elizabeth K. Shade, in her Dec. 3 letter to the editor continues to misinterpret any criticism directed at President Barack Obama as personal.

The fear, apprehension and distrust by the American public is because the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare), was not well thought out, horribly implemented, a pending economic disaster, a violation of our personal freedom and ultimately will provide us with inferior bureaucratic administrated health care. In addition, it was not uniformly implemented with numerous exceptions for political considerations.

Shade said, “It stands to reason that any program so huge and complicated would have many quirks that need to be fixed before it can run smoothly.” I totally agree, so maybe it was a bad idea to “Pass the bill so we know what is in it,” as stated by Nancy Pelosi.

Ironically Shade’s own words describe what is wrong with the Obama administration. It is the job of the chief executive of any company or corporation who initiates new programs or changes to set specific guidelines and parameters in place, to monitor the progress and ensure major areas of concern are anticipated and not simply discovered. Obama’s total lack of management skills is evident in his total mishandling of this, his “signature legislation.”

However to close on a note of harmony, I agree with Shade’s assessment of our political structure and the need to clean house of both shameless self-serving Republicans and Democrats.

However, this will not occur until we as citizens realize that we must vote for the best person, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, tndependent or tea party candidate and not the politically chosen favorite.

Before we elect our next president, let us all take the time to determine what we want in a president and find the best person to fit those expectations. A good place to start might be with someone who has demonstrated management skills, the ability to work with people of different opinions and backgrounds, someone who accepts responsibility, possesses leadership skills, commands respect and most of all puts the good of the country above his legacy and personal politics.

In this regard, Obama clearly demonstrated what the country does not want and cannot afford in our next president. That is not personal, it’s simply a fact.

John Kasun