Hollidaysburg policy won’t help students

I am a member of the Hollidaysburg Area High School class of 2013.

During my time at the high school, I was very involved and served as the senior class president from 2012-2013. I recently became aware of the new restrictions on coaches being considered by the school board, and I am outraged.

If enacted, this restriction will take some of the best coaches away from the district.

School board members claim that it is in the best interest of the student-athletes that this policy be enacted, but that is simply not true. If you remove some of the best coaches in the district from their positions, you are not helping your students.You are hurting their program. Hurting the program certainly isn’t “[representing] the students” as one school board member has said.

Also, to assume that just because someone coaches another team in his or her free time, they are not dedicated to their school team is asinine.

Aside from that, what they do in their free time and in the offseason should have nothing to do with the school board. Those teams are separate from the district, and school board policy should have no bearing on it.

I am ashamed to have supported some of the people that are pushing for this change of policy.

Joseph Alan Carper

University Park