Education fund lacking

In an Altoona Mirror front-page article on Nov. 3 (“Susan Corbett addresses education”), Gov. Tom Corbett’s wife expressed her concern about educational dropout rates.

As a former educator, I, too, am concerned about the importance of keeping students in school.

In that same article, Mirror reporter Russ O’Reilly pointed out, “On the issue of state funding, research states dropout rates are correlated to a lack of it [state funding].”

Spending in Pennsylvania has fallen from more than 50 percent in 1975 to only 37 percent in 2010, according to the Education Law Center in Harrisburg.

Instead of going to communities and talking about dropout rates, I would suggest Pennsylvania First Lady Corbett spend some time educating and convincing her husband and Republican state senators that they need to rethink their positions and begin moving state funding to former levels rather than putting the burden back on the local taxpayers.

In a year when Gov. Corbett is running for re-election, it is ironic that Mrs. Corbett is “stumping” for education reform when her husband has not been a friend of education.

Such moves on the part of the Corbett campaign are nothing more than the “same old politics,” and I urge the citizens of west-central Pennsylvania to respond to it in an informed way and select a governor who truly cares about education.

William J. Padamonsky