Donate your old TV

There are few things in these times to bring to our community’s attention that a lot of people aren’t already aware of, but here is one that I have discovered that needs mentioning again.

My mother was a resident of the Valley View Nursing Home in Altoona.

She was there for a short rehab. But from going there for her and witnessing her experience, and from our chats, I have discovered something that some of these lonely older souls are not privy to all the time – televisions.

Can you imagine having your own room and the only stimulation you have is the therapy you receive and the nurse or aide that stops for a couple of short visits because most of these places are underfunded, and understaffed, as is norm for nowadays, through no fault of their own.

A TV is company, the direct link to the world that is no longer easily navigated, a form of therapy and a reliable friend.

We all know that there are good people that do pay attention to these folks and help, but they are unable to be there for the times a TV can be.

What is now happening with the TVs these days, like the changes taking place with the upgrades to the LCD and Plasma models that are becoming more efficient, affordable and (most importantly) light in weight, we can donate to this cause our older models (up to 20 inches in most instances with remotes in good usable condition) for these residents to appreciate and cherish.

It is good for these folks to have that connection in their autumn years. The older TVs will work there. I see this as a win-win scenario. If you’ve upgraded, you are not likely using the old model and have to store or dispose of it, and you’ve done something very special that you can be proud of in this wonderful season of giving, and it will cost you nothing.

Be a blessing. I am sure it will be appreciated.

Michael E. Mangia