Crack down on DUI

The Dec. 5 article in the Mirror about the man who was arrested for his third DUI (driving under the influence) in 27 days, keeps bringing back this problem in the DUI law that has been going on for years.

For someone who is arrested for three DUIs in 27 days, when he goes to court, he is charged like it was only his first offense.

This is ridiculous.

This is where the DUI law needs to be changed or amended.

The punishments for a third DUI are more severe than for a first DUI, and they should be. Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our state where death, injury and property damage occur every day.

I have four rules to help keep you safe on the road.

1) Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs and drive; 2) Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking or taking drugs and stop them from driving if you can; 3) Always drive defensively – watch out for the other guy; 4) Always wear your seatbelt and shoulder strap: 90 percent of people who are killed in car crashes do not have their seatbelts on.

Please don’t drink and drive.

Dave and Janie McConnell