Catholics shouldn’t wait for scandals to pass

This letter is related to numerous articles covering proceedings in the Sandusky/PSU and Baker/Catholic Church sex abuse scandals.

Victims, with advocates and attorneys, courageously embraced crimes by filing lawsuits and going public.

Subsequently, truth and guilt have somewhat been established with many Catholics wanting the publicity to end.

It’s believed many other victims are suffering in private and need to come forward to heal.

However, imagine a person victimized years ago, in a current situation where those they know and trust continue to practice and believe that the supreme spiritual power of the God that lords over them is rooted exclusively to one’s sex.

A major difference between PSU and the Catholic Church’s effort to reconcile with victims of sex abuse and the public, is the church does not have to respect United States federal law forbidding the use of the power of sex to discriminate.

How assuring is it to victims and the public if conditions of sexism and sex based power continues to prevail, be glorified and be influential in society?

Besides being unpatriotic, indoctrinating children with sexism as part of their “faith” is of concern.

Instead of wishing and waiting for the scandal to pass, ordained and lay Catholics need to publicly and courageously denounce the belief and harmful tradition of using sex as a prerequisite in granting spiritual power, trust and privileges to its leaders.

The hierarchy will follow.

Lastly, legislation is needed to remove statutes of limitations for filing claims of sexual abuse of children.

Etta Albright