Be realistic about limited access route

Forget limited-access Route 22 expansion.

There is further irony in the story of Route 22 in the region, about which the Mirror editorialized on Nov. 14.

Planners see any improved route coming from the east running up Route 453 to connect to I-99/Route 220 at Tyrone, which implies that a bypass of Hollidaysburg was never necessary to start with. The type of road that exists through Cambria and Indiana counties, with through lanes in both directions and turnoffs or turnarounds may even be hard to get funded at this late date, especially on the parts of the road that are very built up and squeezed between steep hills and railroad tracks, as is the case east of Huntingdon.

Most (if not all) of the long bridges along the route have been upgraded and partly rebuilt in the last few years. Replacing those bridges alone with ones that carry four lanes of traffic or with dual spans is going to cost far more than PennDOT can ever justify allocating.

The limited-access concept for most of the route is off the table, if we want to be realistic, no matter how much we wish it were otherwise.

Steve Kemp