Altoona’s Act 47 exit planning is flawed

In an article that appeared in the Mirror in October, in the Government Study Commission members’ view, they appeared to be in favor of the city of Altoona changing its form of government to that of Home Rule Charter, since it seemed favorable to financial recovery and exit from Act 47.

No third-class city in Pennsylvania has emerged from under Act 47 so far, whether they were Home Rule or “Third-class city code” and some are under their third recovery plan under Act 47.

While they are under several different forms of local government, they all share one thing in common: failure.

There may be a flaw in their plans for Altoona to exit Act 47. The recovery teams are well paid to devise a recovery plan, but so far are failures. Judging from the failure of other third-class cities to emerge remains a concern.

As I understand Act 47, the changing to Home Rule would permit the city to raise property taxes to wherever without constraints, to justify their agenda and to make other changes in Altoona’s government.

Don’t let anyone fool you: Every councilman and mayor over the last three decades has played a part in getting Altoona to this point.

Donald Leipold