Truth still eludes board

Obviously, the sensationalism attached to the Jerry Sandusky scandal motivated the Mirror to print a story regarding settlements paid to alleged victims (settlements to PSU victims total $59.7 million, Oct. 29).

As much as I am horrified by the behavior of Sandusky, as a Penn State alumna, I am also disgusted with the behavior of the board.

It is important to note that the three Penn State administrators who have been cited in the notably flawed Freeh report as failing to protect the children have not yet had their trials, and Joe Paterno was never charged with any crime.

Many are not aware that just last month Frank Fina, a key prosecutor in the Sandusky case, announced on TV’s “60 Minutes Sports” that no evidence whatsoever was found to suggest that Paterno was involved in a cover-up.

Also noteworthy is that the Board of Trustees released these payout figures on the eve of a pre-trial hearing regarding a lawsuit against the NCAA by the Paterno family, as well as some former players, professors and reform trustees.

Penn State has refused to join in this lawsuit.

While thousands of alumni are promoting child sexual abuse awareness, we are also fighting hard to uncover the truth behind the motives of this board, which has acted irresponsibly, ignored due process, tarnished the name of the university and failed in its fiduciary duties.

Mary J. Suthern Neumann