Story misleading;?Obamacare misguided

I am disappointed in the Altoona Mirror for that lame one-sided excuse for a news story entitled, “SEIU goes to bat for ACA.”

Your story makes Cong. Shuster look insensitive for not supporting Obamacare.

In fact, Obamacare is a misguided law that will destroy the health care industry in America and harm virtually all of us.

Part of the “sales pitch” to get the public to buy in to Obamacare was the repeated statement by the president that “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.”

While those of us who understood what this policy would do to health care knew this was false all along, we now know for a fact that perhaps millions of Americans are losing the coverage they had pre-Obamacare.

The reason for this is the burdensome mandates that Obamacare puts on health insurers.

Mandates cost money, and if the insurer (or your employer) cannot make a profit any longer, they will drop the coverage, and perhaps get out of the health care business altogether.

This is the objective of Obamacare: Put the insurance industry out of business so the president can achieve his goal, which is to have the federal government manage a “one-payer” system.

Observing the circus surrounding the rollout of the health care exchange website, we are getting a small forshadowing of what a great job the Feds will do managing our health care.

This is not just a few glitches or a “transition phase.” This is what happens when central planners with good intentions think they can replace private markets.

It is a necessary result of government overreach.

Having a health insurance plan doesn’t mean you will actually get to see a doctor before your health declines or worse.

In other countries with government-paid health care, patients die while waiting to see a doctor and fewer patients survive life-threatening disease such as cancer.

America, look into your future.

Lois Kaneshiki

Blair Township