Sen. Toomey’s business approach sensible

I was pleased to read of the opening of three new small businesses in Huntingdon in your recent story, “New Businesses Open,” on Nov. 1.

The piece reminded me of how much Sen. Pat Toomey has done for small businesses by way of bipartisanship, both directly and indirectly.

I would like to commend the senator for being a consistent champion for bipartisan, and meaningful fiscal reform.

Our current fiscal course causes a great deal of economic uncertainty, making it less likely that businesses will make the kind of investments necessary to get our economy moving again.

That is why I was thrilled to hear of Sen. Toomey’s appointment to the budget conference committee.

I am confident that he will assist in steering the conversation in the best direction for small businesses and the country as a whole.

As co-chair of the Pennsylvania chapter of the national, bipartisan Campaign to Fix the Debt, I know that the only way to restore order to America’s fiscal house is to replace the sequester with smarter savings and tackle tax and entitlement reform, all of which would help to put our debt on a downward path.

I stand with Sen. Toomey as he continues his work as a budget conferee, and I am ready to support his efforts in pushing for a meaningful plan to reduce our deficit.

Thomas Rippon