Proud that museum, children center thrives

I would like to applaud the viable Quaint Corner Children’s Museum and Discovery Center in Altoona headed by Peggy Fields and Richard Flarend.

Fields, valuable to Altoona with her constant giving and expertise on its historical background, and Flarend, equipped in science and up-to-date media for children, head a wonderful center for learning and appreciation of Altoona’s rich culture.

I am a retired teacher who relocated with my family to Altoona in the 1980s and was amazed at the rich architecture of the glorious buildings on Union Avenue.

Within a short time, I purchased a Queen Anne Victorian on 2000 Union Ave. and spent many hours refurbishing it to bring back its original beauty.

After acquainting myself with the history of the builder, Daniel O’Rourke, contractor for the Pennsylvania Railroad, I was inspired to share the building with the public as a museum for children in a learning center of rooms.

Each room represented an interest in the town and the halls were decorated with Renoir prints to remind the children of the art in great museums.

After I moved back to the Bay Area of California, I continued my deep involvement and financial support to help sustain the operation through difficult times.

No grants were available and expensive improvements were needed to maintain the building.

In 2010, I transferred the house to the museum and it is now known as the Quaint Corner Children’s Discovery Center, a non-profit corporation run by a dedicated volunteer board committed to keeping the cultural awareness of Altoona alive.

Since I will always feel close to the Quaint Corner, I would like to share a part of myself with the museum through my website, hopefully to engage others in the arts that inspire all of us to live creatively.

Susan Foreman


Alameda, Calif.