Power of buck rules, and it’s got to change

Regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, or whatever any other label you may choose to brand your political idea or philosophy, until we change the way we hold elections, the common man and our liberty and freedom will never be protected.

Big money and big business interests are running our country by a very few.

The power of the big buck by a very few by advertising and the controlling media and journalism by political contributions are underlying the democratic liberty of political issues and our freedom to choose.

We complain about our elections and our electorates but say nothing about the process of how we elect.

We, as a people, should demand a change in the election process. Perhaps this is one issue we could agree about and make the changes that will level the playing field to not just a few special interest groups who can buy an election, but to everyone with an idea and mission to make change that will benefit us all.

Elections should use no private money from any source. All money for elections should come from tax money and be drastically reduced.

Journalism by all forms of media should be used to give only the issues and ideas of each politician and every 60-second sound bite commercial and countless billboard and roadside political pollution are eliminated.

Of course, this should all be done shortly before the upcoming election rather than from the end of one to the other.

Term limits should be instituted at all levels of government.

Voter fraud and abuse does not come from the citizens who do not have a driver’s license, but rather the deep, hidden, slimy feel of big money being poured into elections to promote what is good for the special interest.

Dennis Minori