PA can’t afford rise in gasoline prices

I would like to express my views on the proposed increases to consumers in order to cover expenses in the transportation budget.

I strongly disagree with the bill to increase gas tax, car registrations, and car licenses.

Pennsylvania is already one of the highest taxed states for gasoline. People are already struggling to purchase gas just to get back and forth to work.

I believe this bill will have detrimental effects on our already struggling economy.

I don’t even know how our governor can think of such a bill when people are already struggling. I realize road maintenance needs completed.

However, like the average tax-paying person, you only take care of what you can do with the funds you have available.

We, the tax-paying people, do not have the advantage of increasing taxes in order to increase our personal revenue; neither should our government that represents us.

If consumers have to pay an additional tax of 28 cents per gallon, that means that when gas prices soar again to $3.89 per gallon, we will be paying $4.17 for regular unleaded.

Consumers will be double-dipped as many businesses will no doubt pass the additional expense onto consumers.

Additionally, this will most likely affect tourism as well.

People will think twice about coming to Pennsylvania when gas prices are so outrageous.

Denise Beck