Offensive message

During the government shutdown, the politicians saw fit to close the open air memorials to our veterans, the WWII memorial in particular, but were seen at a rally just across the street at the open national mall, advocating immigration, before a large gathering of illegal aliens.

Right now, there are men and women serving our country around the world watching this activity on the news.

This is a slap in the face of people that sacrifice and risk our lives every day for our country, only to watch our politicians use us as political tools to get their way.

I want everyone to remember that we, the veterans, fight and have fought to protect your rights to freedom and democracy and during that time, for those of you that have not served and may not know, we the veterans do not get to exercise our total freedoms because we work under a hierarchy of the military and we do this voluntarily to protect you, the citizens and non-citizens.

Please remember one thing: It is not the politicians of our country that preserve our rights under the Constitution; it is the Americans serving in the military that keep us free.

Please remember this later this month on Veterans Day.

Kelly Leydig

Kandahar Airbase

Kandahar, Afghanistan