Heartwarming event

I just returned (still teary-eyed) from the “Beautiful You” pageant held in the Altoona Area Junior High School auditorium on Nov. 16.

I have never seen more beautiful girls and women perform with such memorable splendor in my life. I applaud the bravery and graciousness of these beautiful people.

And I applaud their parents and/or caregivers for their obvious hard work, support and dedication to their children.

I would like to also applaud Joe Reed for his dedication to these young people and the many volunteers who support the Miracle League of Blair County.

An acknowledgement also goes to Angela Ebersole, who organized the fundraiser to benefit the Miracle League.

We are so proud of all of you. If this event occurs in the future, don’t miss it. It will warm your heart and soul.

Cheryl Tyler