Expand route for Christmas parade

After years of attending parades in downtown Altoona, I want to go on record and say what a disappointment the Christmas parade has been in the past and will continue to be this year.

Every other parade in Altoona spans from the Altoona Junior High, across the 17th Street Bridge, down 12th Avenue and up 11th Avenue, giving spectators ample room to view the parade.

Being the biggest parade of the year, with the most participants and spectators, the Christmas parade is jammed into a fraction of that route, causing spectators – mostly children – to be jammed multiple rows deep along the parade route and not being able to see anything.

I know of many people who have gone, only to turn around and leave because there was absolutely nowhere to watch, and I also know of parents who won’t even attempt to take their children for the same reason.

I think it is wonderful the amount of participation Altoona gets for this parade, but it’s a real shame that the participants’ efforts are being wasted due to people not being able to see or worse yet choosing not to attend at all.

I’m not sure what the reasoning is for thinking that jamming all those people into approximately a four- or five-block route is a good idea, but I’m sure if you’d ask anyone there they would have a much different opinion.

Melody Edmiston