Cruz an insult to vets

I watched Senator Cruz try to humiliate and belittle Vietnam vet Chuck Hagel at the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Secretary of Defense.

Cruz said Hagel was un-American, a traitor, and worked with North Korea.

What I called Cruz, the Mirror could not print and should never be said in church.

Hagel was wounded multiple times in Vietnam, something Cruz never had to worry about.

Cruz tried to stop Obamacare by whining on the Senate floor for 30 hours.

When he was done, he compared his “ordeal” to the Bataan Death March in the Pacific during WWII.

Nothing could be more disgusting and insulting to the veterans and their loved ones, who were connected to

that march.

That remark and attacking Hagel should infuriate veterans everywhere but maybe not.

I watched vets stand with Cruz and praise him for caring about them. I took a remark from Rick Santorum and wanted to throw up. Like some other politicians, Cruz doesn’t care about vets; he uses them for political gain.

We used to call people like Cruz “gutless wonders.”

Why would any veteran respect or vote for someone like Cruz? He is an insult to past, present and future veterans.

He’s not even an American. Yes, he has American citizenship, but is also Canadian. He says he will renounce his Canadian citizenship. He never will. I can’t believe Senator John McCain and other veterans in Congress have not called Cruz out on things he has said.

If you were in a life or death situation, who would you want to have your back, Hagel or Cruz?

Veterans are supposed to stick together; when one of us is insulted, it insults all of us. There are those in Congress who pretend to care about past and present veterans but really don’t. Are we ever going to wise up and stop being used to advance a politician’s career?

Where do the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion stand on Cruz’s remarks?

Dennis C. Shore